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Fire Safety and Health and Safety are complex fields that could be keeping you awake at night, but there is no need. At Pollard Safety Services we understand that many businesses struggle to keep up with the latest compliance, assessments and reports, and even to know what they are responsible for.  We are here to share our extensive knowledge with you, to help you comply where you need to so you don’t need to worry and can relax and get that good night’s sleep.

Health & Safety

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Fire Safety

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At PSS we have proven that the best approach to understanding Fire Safety or Health & Safety in businesses such as yours, is to become part of your team. That way, we are not only there to look after your business and staff today, but we are on hand to help ensure that you are planning Health & Safety into company growth, which not only ensures a smooth transition but also makes sure you are always operating within the Law and with the least disruption. We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our clients and the way we help them to be efficient, safe and profitable.

General Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are a fundamental tool to compliant risk management.  They provide a step by step approach to identifying hazards within working activities or processes and analysing the level of risk they present enabling effective controls to be set in place that comply to the legislative guidance hierarchy. 

Without a risk assessment companies can find themselves guessing and either spending too much time and resource on the lesser risks and missing the significant ones. 

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The Pollard Blog

Visit our Blog, where you can find numerous articles where we share our thoughts and advice on many topics, including; Common Myths about PPE in the Workplace and DSE at Home.

Client Testimonials

Cathy has been working with Athena HR for some time now. We always have fantastic feedback
from our clients on the way in which Cathy works alongside businesses helping them with their
H&S requirements. Having seen Catherine at work I can confidently recommend her to
organisations looking for advice and guidance. Cathy is a joy to work with.

Denise Jennings, Managing Director, Athena HR

My Story

I am Catherine Pollard, the owner of Pollard Safety Services.  I created this company because with almost 20 years experience managing health and safety in varying industry types, I felt that many audits and training courses provide information on ‘WHAT’ is required, but very little information on ‘HOW’ legal compliance can be achieved.  This meant that there was a confusion which turned off employers, labelling Health and Safety as ‘too difficult’ and ‘unmanageable or costly’, or even not necessary at this moment.

I wanted to be able to provide businesses with a flexible, practical and effective way of achieving compliance by creating workable, self-sufficient safety management systems that can grow with the company’s demands…