Policies & Procedures

The Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 requires employers of five or more people to have a written health and safety policy statement.

It should be specific to their business, setting out their general policy for protecting the health and safety of their employees at work, their organisation and arrangements for putting the policy into practice. 

In addition, after an audit, where business processes change or further to the outcome of accident investigation, health and safety information, instruction and arrangements need to be detailed and set out.  The simplest and clearest way is to have policies and procedures in place.  These can be used to inform employees, train employees and to ensure a record is available to refer to when needed.  A health and Safety policy is always the first step to setting out a compliant health and safety management system. 

Often companies can be unclear as to what needs to be included in policies to ensure they are compliant such as making the purpose of the policy clear and detailing who it is relevant to.  Links to legislation requirements and other working procedures should also be considered, but more importantly the desired outcomes and review frequencies should be set out. 

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