Assistance With Safety Accreditation

These schemes are accreditation schemes that act often as a pre-qualification tool during the tendering process of many businesses.

SSIP and other accreditations e.g. CHAS, Safe Contractor.

More and more businesses are asking for Contractor safety information to be provided before a tender is even considered, and as such some buyers require a contractor to be CHAS accredited (or similar) before they allow you to tender. 

The application process can be a daunting and lengthy process but we can take the strain out for you to make it hassle free.  CHAS do require some very specific documents and training that you may not already have and we can identify these gaps and provide you with support and guidance to ensure you are compliant in accordance with the accreditation body.

  • It emphasises to potential clients that you take health and safety seriously, making you instantly more credible.
  • Being accredited improves your professional image and allows you to more readily win work, helping build your future success.
  • CHAS accreditation can allow you to reduce the time-consuming process of tendering reducing administration.