Being Straight Forward Is Key

I created this company because with 20 years’ experience managing health and safety in varying industry types, I felt that I could make a difference and break away from Health and Safety stereotypes…

The Problem-

  • Many audits and training courses tell you ‘WHAT’ to do… But not ‘HOW’ to do it – which is my passion! 
  • Many businesses struggle to keep up with Health & Safety compliance or even to know what they are responsible for, let alone have time to do it.
This creates a ‘confusion’, turning off employers, labelling Health and Safety as ‘too difficult’ and ‘unmanageable or costly’, or even ‘not necessary’ at this moment.

The Solution-

We provide businesses with an understandable, practical and effective way of achieving a compliance they can work with.
All our work is performance driven giving clear direction for you to fill gaps, set goals and clearly identify your successes!

Catherine Pollard

Owner of Pollard Safety Services.