Welfare Facilities for your Workers

Do you know what you must provide for your workers’ daily welfare?

Do you have the right facilities in place?

Is it a legal requirement to provide them?


According to CDM regulations, when it comes to any premises, including construction sites, you as an employer have a duty of care to provide the right welfare facilities before workers start work.

Welfare facilities in brief must include:

1.       Enough toilets and washbasins for those expected to use them…. it is not always enough to just have the one!

2.       Supply of toilet paper, hot and cold running water, soap, and hand drying facilities.

3.       Drinking water with a sign so workers know it is safe to drink and enough cups for everyone.

4.       Rest facilities with enough tables and chairs for those who need to use them. This should be somewhere to escape the elements whether cold and wet, or the glare of the sun.

5.       The means to heat food and water for hot drinks.

6.       A place to change and store clothing where your business requires this.

7.       Clean facilities – you can’t just provide them; they must be cleaned!

8.       And finally, there must be adequate ventilation, heating, temperature control and lighting.

If you’d like to know more or feel you need further guidance, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.