DSE at Home

If you have employees who work from home either permanently or part-time, it’s important that you understand your responsibilities towards them when it comes to DSE (Display Screen Equipment). Just because they are out of the office, the risks are still your responsibility to manage proportionately.

Your employees are considered DSE users if they use DSE daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more within their role. 

Where you do have DSE users, individual DSE assessments should be carried out in each setting (both home and office). 

In most cases a home visit should not be required to carry out the assessment, and your employees may be able to complete a self-assessment if they have been given suitable information to do so. Don’t forget to incorporate the provision of eyesight testing in your assessments! 

Once the assessment has been carried out, you will need to ensure that any findings are managed in a timely manner to reduce risk of harm. Remember that employees cannot be charged for any equipment they may need. 

Moving forward, DSE arrangements should be reviewed periodically to ensure existing control measures are sufficient, this also means where office equipment layout has changed, or equipment type, or even working hours spent at the DSE equipment. 

If you are unsure what you need to implement, or you are unsure if the employee has further issues that ought to be investigated – get in touch! DSE assessments are something we are more than happy to help with and can carry out face to face or virtually on your behalf.